Festival Atmosphere In Annapurna Studio

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If you were to name the most sought after and highly prestigious establishments of Tollywood circuit then the name of Annapurna Studios features in it. This banner has been home for some really memorable movies and its owners are also iconic personalities in the Tollywood arena.

Now, there is news coming that the staff and employees of this entity are gearing up for some celebrations and a festive atmosphere is being seen in the premises. The reason being, it is going to be the birth anniversary of Nata Samrat Akkineni Nageswara Rao on September 20.

In a way, ANR is the father of Annapurna Studios and he was responsible for providing employment to many. Hence, it is heard that the employees are planning for events along with their family members and are keen to give a fitting token of respect to the departed soul. This should be interesting.

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