Actress In Support Of Music Director

By - September 18, 2015 - 10:18 AM IST

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You need to have the right kind of integrity and solidarity to stand up for an issue and support those who are getting victimized by it. Fortunately or unfortunately, we live in a country of a billion people but that togetherness in such situations is not much. But still, there are always those exceptions.

The film industry is one entity where its members are often subjected to different types of controversies and issues. The recent addition to that is the Madras Mozart A R Rahman who got a Fatwa from a Muslim organization known as Raza Academy. While he has given his reply in the most rational manner, here is another update.

The well known actress Shabana Azmi who is known for her outspoken nature on such issues came to take Rahman’s side. She gave a logical explanation as to who is eligible to issue a Fatwa and under what circumstances. She has also declared that Rahman is a devout Muslim who will not do anything that would hurt his community. This is indeed a welcome gesture from her.

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