Director Neelakanta On Cuddapah Tourism

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For any state or nation to grow in its wealth and brand value, the tourism vertical plays a very important role. In that aspect, India has been far behind. Though it has sufficient tourism spots it has not been able to encash it in the right manner. However, efforts are now being made to change things.

One such update which has come to us is about a call from K V Ramana, the Collector of Cuddapah district to the noted filmmaker Neelakanta. It is heard that Neelakanta has been asked to make a song which would reflect the tourism in Cuddapah and showcasing the beauty of this state.

Those who heard this asked by why only Neelakanta. This is because the national award winner hails from Cuddapah and he has a strong sense of attachment to his native land. On films front, Neelakanta is busy with his Bollywood debut Murder 4 in association with the iconic Mahesh Bhatt. His hand in this video is sure to elevate the image of Cuddapah.

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