Actress Angry On Costume Brand

By - September 21, 2015 - 05:53 PM IST

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When we come up with a statement complaining or criticizing about a certain company or its product on the social media, there is a certain amount of response. But the same feedback gets ten times the response when it comes from a film celebrity and that too an actress. Many service outlets need to be careful about that.

However, it appears that one famous clothes brand didn’t really feel that was necessary and they are now paying the price. Apparently, the cat eyed seductress Neha Sharma of Chirutha fame has come up with a tweet wherein she has come down heavily on the famous Fab India outlet in Mumbai.

She came up with a tweet which goes like this- ‘Such horrible costumer service at #Fabindia Khar...disappointed/ Don't think I'm shopping at #Fabindia again...’.  Well, it remains to be seen how Fab India is going to make up for this and based on their reaction, their credibility quotient will be determined.

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