'Akhil' Vs 'Dragon Ball Evolution'

By - September 22, 2015 - 09:59 AM IST

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Whenever a new movie is on the anvil and that too from the house of a big banner featuring a big star then it is natural to see certain comparisons being drawn connecting it to a film already released. Something like that is happening right now with the new movie Akhil-The Power Of Jua.

This marks the debut of Akkineni Akhil as the hero and the talk making rounds is whether this movie has taken strong inspiration from the Hollywood movie Dragon Ball Evolution which came in the year 2009. Many are coming to this conclusion after looking at the posters of the Telugu movie.

After some enquiries, the insider talk reveals maybe just a concept from the movie may have been taken from the Hollywood flick but not the entire story. Given the fact that it has sensational director V V Vinayak leading the project, it is impossible that he would resort to any freemake approach.

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