Censor Officer's Attack - a Murder Attempt?

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Lady Censor Officer Manga Reddy attacks a filmmaker – this headline has raised many eye brows this morning.

In what can be called a shocking event, fashion designer and regional censor board member Manga Reddy along with her friend Kishan attacked a filmmaker named Sarath Kumar (the director of yet-to-release Sesh Mahal film) with iron rods in the early hours today. The victim suffering a head injury has lodged a complaint in the Banjara Hills PS against Manga Reddy and her companion Kishan. However, Manga Reddy claims that it was just an act of self-defense and made counter allegations that the director has been harassing her sending lewd messages over the phone. Surprisingly, both of them are apparently long term friends but have some serious disputes from a while.

Well, the industry onlookers and legal experts believe that since the accused went to Sarath Kumar’s house along with her friend and attacked him and neither Manga Reddy nor Kishan was reportedly injured, this case would be rather legally viewed as a murder attempt than an act of self-defense. Anyhow, the police will investigate into this and soon the facts would be revealed.

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