Mega Hero's Mega wish on Bakrid!

By - September 25, 2015 - 05:50 PM IST

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Mega hero Varun Tej who is known for his suave looks is yet another blossoming talent from the Mega family. Unlike his peer group, he surprised us with his choice of scripts and if everything went well, he should have been enthralling us with his much awaited period drama Kanche.

As revealed by director Krish, Kanche attempts to talk about the barriers of egos between two persons to two nations and wishes to erase them. Today on the auspicious eve of BakrEid festival, Varun Tej came up with few heart touching lines and indeed a Mega wish that in turn increased respect over him. Here it goes -

"Manushula Madhya, manasula Madhya unna Kanchelu tholagipovaali ani korukuntu.. Eid Mubarak :)"

As we all knew, we will come across some realistic and heart touching dialogues from Krish’s film and the above lines from Varun Tej is also indicating the effect of Kanche movie on him. In a way, this simple line is also showcasing the entire plot of Kanche movie and this can turn out to be an inspirational movie to the entire world in the present scenario.

Meanwhile Kanche's release has been postponed to the first week of November. And once again wishing our Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy BakrEid and wishing Varun Tej & Kanche team all success!

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