Top Production Houses Only On Remakes

By - September 25, 2015 - 05:01 PM IST

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Most of us treat cinema as a form of art but to those who are part of the film fraternity, it is more than that. Lately, a lot of players have entered the circuit and for them, cinema is all about business and numbers. An evidence to that is the way big production houses from Bollywood are also stepping into Tollywood.

Now, it is heard that these big range production houses have adopted a new strategy. According to that, wherever a movie becomes a hit in any language across India, they are buying the remake rights of that film at a low cost and going ahead with the remake using their infrastructure and resources.

It is not to say that all remakes become hits but the making cost drops down significantly and the tension will reduce. On the other hand, some production houses have earned enough brand value that their product means a minimum guarantee for the buyers. This is changing the business dynamics of cinema.

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