Delhi Girl In Madrasi Style

By - September 28, 2015 - 05:55 PM IST

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We live in a country where culture and diversity is so large that you tend to find a drastic difference even if you visit the neighbouring state. Given that situation, you can imagine how the cultural parameters of north and south India would be. Hence, when a north Indian wears a south Indian attire, it stands out.

Speaking about the south entertainment industry, it must be said that a major percentage of actresses especially the heroines hail from the north. And when they wear something south, it simply rocks. Something like this has been attempted by a girl from Delhi who has become a big name in south.

She is none other than the milky thigh beauty Taapsee and while she was seen maximum in glamorous urban outfits, she has given a totally different impact with her new attire, a south Indian Madrasi Pattu saree. Those who are seeing the picture are saying it is hard to believe she is a north Indian girl. Way to go Taapsee!

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