Akhil Akkineni Is Behind Pawan Kalyan

By - September 29, 2015 - 05:50 PM IST

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If a discussion about the topmost hero of Tollywood takes place then the name of power star Pawan Kalyan stands first. Till date, he has been ruling the roost with a series of blockbusters and immense fan mania. On the other hand, Akkineni Akhil happens to be a star kid who is just making his debut.

Given that situation, you might be wondering how can Akhil be right behind Pawan but it is true to some extent. Well, we are talking about the followers in the Twitter account of both the men. Apparently, Akhil is just little behind Pawan Kalyan in twitter following which has come as a surprise to many.

At the moment, Pawan stands at 665k followers while Akhil has already touched 536k followers. The way things are, the social media experts predict that by the time Akhil arrives with his debut flick Akhil-The Power Of Jua he is certain to get past Pawan. One thing to note is, Pawan has this massive following despite his extremely rare tweets.

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