Senior Director On Short Film

By - September 29, 2015 - 04:38 PM IST

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These days the best way to showcase talent in the entertainment industry is by coming up with a short film. This path applies to both actors and filmmakers. Hence, many aspiring filmmakers are coming up with bundles of short films to ensure their talent gets recognized and they get that ‘one chance’.

While that is understood, can you imagine a very senior director resorting to short films? Well, it has happened now and the director in discussion is the cult moviemaker Vamsy. Over many decades, Vamsy has come up with movies such as Anveshana, Ladies Tailor, April 1st Vidudhala, Maharshi and many more.

For the kind of credentials he has, one would expect Vamsy to come up with a feature film but instead he has come up with a short film. This is titled as Letter and it is produced by Madhura Sreedhar.

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