RGV's Sensational Comments on Pawan & Mahesh

By - September 30, 2015 - 10:33 AM IST

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The three letters RGV will no longer be remembered as alphabets anymore because one man whose name has those three letters has created such havoc. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma fondly known as RGV. Apart from his cult breaking films in the past, these days RGV is known for his sensational and controversial tweets.

The latest on that front has been his series of tweets involving power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar Mahesh Babu. Now, you can understand how sensitive that gets but RGV was sensible and diplomatic enough to convey what he wants to but not rubbing anyone on the wrong side. Here is a look at his tweets and this should give you a clear idea-

‘I wonder why PK's Twitter followers are only 6 lak to Mahesh 15 lak..is it because most PK fans are illiterate or technically handicapped?’

‘I know PK came late on Twitter but once a super star comes on Twitter won't all his fans follow immediately without any delay? Just asking?’

‘I am really unbelievably surprised that even Samantha has 10 lak more followers than PK..How come? Just asking?’

‘I am the biggest fan of PK and am extremely disappointed and feel so sad that the number of PK followers is so so lesser than Mahesh’

‘If all super star heroes n heroines have more followers than PK shouldn't there be a psychoanalytical research on his fans..just asking?’

‘Since PK is so wanting to advance the state don't u think he should first advance his own fans and educate them about Twitter..just asking’

‘As a diehard fan of PK I request all fans of PK to technically educate each other and create interactive clubs to increase his followers’

‘I respect Mahesh fans because they follow him so much and as a PK fan I disrespect PK 's fans because they don't follow him’

‘I don't follow PK because am not fan of his philanthropic endeavours..I love his acting dances fights more than I love the farmers he loves’

‘Given a choice between farmers and PK all his fans also will love only PK and my proof is that Farmers have no fans’

‘PK fans should know difference between dialectic materialism and existential nihilism from pawanism book and only then they will follow him’

‘If only due to PK's late his followers are less and if he manages to reach Mahesh's 15 by 2018 won't Mahesh reach 45 lak by then..just asking’

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