Allu Beta Supporting PETA

By - October 01, 2015 - 06:22 PM IST

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Inheriting all the philanthropic traits of the Mega family, Mega scion Allu Sirish is also an active philanthropist too. And he uses his social networking handles like none to promote social awareness on various issues especially Animal treatment.
These things made him as the special pick for an event called EXTRAVEGANZA that is organized in association with the popular NGO PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This event’s main motive is to promote the luxurious accessories of animal-friendly fashions, chic Synthetic leather bags, stylish leather free shoes, trendy cosmetics never used on animals and vegan cookies.
This event is going to take place at 4 pm this 3rd of October at the N-Convention center, Hyderabad with Allu Srish flagging off the event posing with a bunny mascot at the PETA stall. So all the animal lovers and activists can actually spend some quality time this weekend creating awareness on unsung issues like these…Cheers!

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