Oy Girl Back with a Bang?

By - October 02, 2015 - 12:06 PM IST

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Every Telugu film lover would remember the cute looking child artist Baby Shamilee for her memorable performances in 80s-90s decade. In fact, she became so popular that many films were made with her role as the central character. She even became the highest tax paying child artist and even had the chance to work with Mani Ratnam at a tender age of 2. Naturally, when she was making a full time debut opposite Siddarth in love story Oy, there were great expectations.

Oy was a love story with an anti climax- which might not have worked greatly with the audiences. Moreover, there was little chemistry between the charming Siddarth and little aged looking Shamili! There was a common talk that Shamili looked even a little older than Siddarth in this flick. As a result, she couldn’t get much roles later. But now, the determined actress has shed weight and looking ultra glamorous.

Shamili even signed up two Tamil films and all set to enter Tollywood again by pairing opposite the macho looking Nara Rohith. There is a common notion that Shamilee has great screen space with her years of acting experience but Nara Rohith is ready to take up the challenge!

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