Secret Behind TV Channels Into Production

By - October 02, 2015 - 02:46 PM IST

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When you think of a producer, you would expect someone who is loaded with cash and has the burning passion for cinema. Or else it is going to be one of those well established production banners who know the ins and outs of business of cinema. But now, a new group has begun making its presence felt.

It is the TV channels especially entertainment channels. They are also getting into production for a particular range of movies and this trend is being observed in Tollywood as well. So, what’s their business model? Inside sources reveal their investment will not be money in the making of the film.

However, they will buy the satellite rights once the film is ready and released. At the same time, they will be part of the production and will be involved in the project right from day one. This is good in a way because the co-producer is certain he can recover some part of his investment through this model.

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