Ram Charan's 'Bruce Lee 2' Talk

By - October 03, 2015 - 03:00 PM IST

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The temperatures are just picking up for the movie Bruce Lee so you would be wondering from where the talk of Bruce Lee 2 has come. But there is an element of truth to it because ‘Bruce Lee 2’ is also arriving. And this has mega powerstar Ram Charan in the lead. Well, here is the full story for you.

Apparently, one Tamil movie is currently being made with music director G V Prakash as the hero and it is titled as Bruce Lee. At the same time, Charan and team are planning to release their Bruce Lee in Tamil as well. However, they cannot come as Bruce Lee due to G V Prakash’s movie.

Hence, our Bruce Lee is coming as Bruce Lee 2 in Tamil. But then, some of them are having doubts that this title may not be given to Charan’s movie. As such, dubbing movies don’t have any title registration issues in Tamil Nadu. They can directly release the movie with title of their choice. Anyhow, let us wait and see what happens.

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