'Puli' Effect On 'Hindi Rudramadevi'

By - October 08, 2015 - 10:20 AM IST

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What you are about to read might sound a bit unconventional but you would not be able to deny it. We are talking about the trend at the box office and how the effect of one film tends to have an impact on the other. This is more among the segment of the big budget flicks which sets up the audience momentum.

If you have noticed, in the last few months, there were a range of hits and while the films really deserved that success, a significant impact was also due to the gigantic hit Baahubali. A lot of positive vibe was making rounds. Due to Baahubali some focus was there on the Tamil movie Puli which also released across India.

However, it became a dangerous disaster. Now, due to this, the negative perception is carrying onto the other Telugu magnum opus Rudramadevi especially in the Bollywood circuit. But the trade pundits have clarified that the content and sensibilities are quite different in this project and they are confident it will make its mark. We hope the same too.

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