Hidden Talent Of Film Director

By - October 09, 2015 - 11:06 AM IST

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Whenever you look at a particular actor or actress or singer or director you fix in your mind that they are best in that but may not be so good in other crafts of cinema. But in the last few decades, individuals with multiple skills and talents have entered Tollywood and they have increased the standard and quality.

Usually, you would expect a filmmaker to be a good actor or a producer but can you imagine him being a good singer? Well, here is one. He is none other than Ramesh Varma and sources say he is a very good singer. It is heard that he composes tunes and singing is something he does usually.

For that matter, even senior director Vamsy also does that and he has sung in a film or two. So, it is heard that recently someone asked Ramesh Varma also to sing in movies. But he reportedly said “If I do it, all the music directors will get scared. I just sing for my happiness and nothing much.” That’s the story!

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