Bollywood Baahubali's RR @ Rs 2 Cr

By - October 14, 2015 - 02:21 PM IST

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The name Baahubali has become a very household property and almost everyone in India knows what it is. While this has brought a lot of attention to Telugu movies, there are also other industries who are doing their best to beat this magnum opus through their projects. The impact of this film is such.

Tamil tried it through Puli but ended up becoming a disaster but now one movie is shaping up in Bollywood and it has potential. It is titled as Bajirao Mastani and it is a true historical story related to the Brahmin Prime Minister of Maratha Empire Bajirao. The Mumbai folks are calling it Bollywood’s Baahubali.

The news on that front is just for re-recording, the makers are spending a whopping 2 crores. The man to do that is none other than Amar Mohile who hails from the school of Ram Gopal Varma and has worked in movies like Rakta Charitra. It is heard that he is getting 2 crores as remuneration just for RR. We can imagine how the output will be then.

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