Ready for Multi Starrer with Dad & Babai: Ram Charan Interview

By - October 14, 2015 - 05:58 PM IST

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Ram Charan is one of the most promising heroes of Telugu Cinema with his angry young man image, electrifying dance moves and good choice of films. Though his last film Govindudu Andari Vadele didn’t fetch him good results, the unnerved actor paired up with Srinu Vaitla for the next entertainer Bruce Lee which is all set to release this Friday. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the star:

Hello Cherry.. how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing good!

Please tell us about your latest film Bruce Lee..
This is a new experiment and just like all Srinu Vaitla films, there is great comedy element in the story itself. It is about the hero who would go to any extent for his sister.

Did you ever consider doing a Mega Multi starrer with your Dad and uncle Pawan Kalyan?
I would definitely do a film with both of them if we get a good story. It will be done in our home production house most likely if things go well.

What is your opinion on the current trend of Telugu Film Industry?
I personally feel we have good number of heroes but the directors are less. I always tell Dil Raju to focus on new directors who bring good stories.

Any new projects in mind now that Bruce Lee is done?
I didn’t commit to any project as of now because I want to take rest for a while. I had lot of injuries while working for Bruce Lee. Thinking of getting ayurveda treatment in Kerala.

How about personal life? Everybody is eager to hear about the good news of you becoming a Dad!
Well, there is still time for planning kids..

How was it working with director Srinu Vaitla for the first time?
He did a great job for this film. We initially thought of naming the film My name is Raju but everybody felt Bruce Lee was a better sounding for the film. It is a privilege to work with him.

Your working experience with Rakul Preet Singh?
She will definitely become a great star soon. She has great screen presence and wonderful timing.

What is your comment on the recent Rudramadevi debacle and about the postponement of Bruce Lee?
Unfortunately there is nothing in my hands. We announced the release date on the first day itself. However, I did ask producer Danayya garu about postponement but they seem to lock this release date.

Please tell us about the Chiranjeevi’s special cameo look in Bruce Lee?
We discussed about the look a day before the shoot. I was the one who told him about having a bearded look and he looked brilliant in the film. They initially planned for a song but I felt it would hamper the film’s flow.

How is it going with Upasana’s animal care activities?
(Smiles) Well, Amala gifted us a camel and Upasana is having a delightful time adopting it as a pet!

Going by the current trend of adopting villages, are you planning the same path?
My dad already adopted a village near Narsapuram. I hope I’d do it sometime soon.

When will Chiru’s full time movie will be released?
We will be announcing it on Dasara.

What is the most special aspect of Bruce Lee according to you?
I am really glad that I designed my own costumes for Bruce Lee. It was a fun experience.

When will Bruce Lee be premiering in the city?
We are planning for special screenings on 15th evening at Prasad Imax.

Okay.. wishing you the best for Bruce Lee!
Thanks a lot!

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