Composer A.R.Rahman's Dream Fulfilled!

By - October 14, 2015 - 02:34 PM IST

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The brilliantly talented composer and two times Oscar award winner A.R.Rahman has many fans irrespective of age not only in home country India but all over the globe. His great musical prowess, reticent smile and a constant expression of relaxation must be some of the reasons for this!

But everyone might be wondering which personality A.R.Rahman himself admires and dreamt of meeting one day! Just like everyone of us, even Rahman has a great admiration for Brazilian football player Pele and he was delighted to meet him in Kolkata recently. While speaking at a press conference today, Rahman expressed his inexplicable happiness in meeting Pele. Incidentally, the Mozart of Madras is scoring music for the biographical film made on Pele and this is like a double bonanza for the composer!

Rahman sure has opened himself for bigger horizons and taking his music for global audience!

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