Bruce Lee Benefit show Mega Offers

By - October 15, 2015 - 02:52 PM IST

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Whenever a big hero's film is going to be releasing, lot of marketing and prmotional stunts happen in great speed. In short, it is more like a festival environment for the hero's fans to see their idol on screen for an exclusive benefit show! But looking at some recent events, it can be assumed that such marketing stunts are backfiring as well.

With Mega Power star Ram Charan's Bruce Lee releasing tomorrow, special offers for the benefit show tickets are taking a novel turn. One such overwhelming offer includes getting a smartphone free for every ten benefit show tickets purchased! The special fans benefit show is in Shiva Parvathi theatre at 12AM and Ram Charan will be watching the film with fans in Sree Ramulu theatre as well.

Is this a sign that benefit show tickets culture is going a new way or a strategy to increase the high priced tickets off late? There was a buzz that many benefit show tickets for Subramanyam for Sale were left without being taken.

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