'Sankarabharanam' Documentary Shelved

By - October 16, 2015 - 01:30 PM IST

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Being a cine buff, most of you would be aware of some of the masterpieces Tollywood has produced and they are evergreen. But it is also true that the generation of today would not have seen or known about them. One such movie which has always stood the test of time is Sankarabharanam.

This iconic movie was helmed by Kala Tapasvi K Vishwanath and recently it also achieved a milestone. As part of that, a documentary was being planned on this movie. It is just like how a documentary was made about RGV’s cult blockbuster Shiva. Similarly, unit members of Sankarabharanam also wanted to come up with a documentary.

But the latest update is that this idea has been shelved. The reason being, the recent demise of producer Edidha Nageswara Rao has reportedly compelled the team to drop the idea. As such, the producer would hold a lot of information and detail. Also, those who are part of the movie, many have passed away. So, the privilege of watching a documentary looks to be gone.

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