Chal Mohan Ranga To Snehamera Jeevitam

By - October 16, 2015 - 03:11 PM IST

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Tollywood is filled with heroes who are not only handsome but high caliber performers too but fortune has not smiled upon them. One example for that is Siva Balaji. Despite having the right ingredients to become a notable star, he has been off the radar. But now he is all set to bounce back with a bang.

Recently, a new project was initiated by Siva Balaji and it was originally titled as Snehamera Jeevitham. Earlier it was titled as Chal Mohan Ranga wherein Chal referred to Chalapathi, Mohan referred to Mohan Rao and Ranga is another name. But during fine tuning of the script a totally new story has come.

With this, sources say they changed the title and put it as Snehamera Jeevitham Snehamera Saaswatham. But then, after few well wishers asked to cut short the title it came to this. The film also has the super talented Ajay doing a very important role. Here’s wishing Siva Balaji the best of success.

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