How Media Played With Srija And Sai Kumar

By - October 16, 2015 - 03:39 PM IST

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Reading the names in the headline might connect you to two people, daughter of megastar Chiranjeevi and dialogue king Sai Kumar. In a way, both are connected to what we are about to share here. Few years ago, power star Pawan Kalyan met a girl named Srija in Khammam and she was ailing with a heart condition.

But the media played a smart game in that. A lot of hype was created using the name Srija because Srija is also the name of Chiru’s daughter. So, those who were watching or hearing about this news were not aware till last that it was some other Srija. Similarly, they have repeated the act with Sai Kumar.  

The last few days has seen a lot of buzz stating young rebel star Prabhas satisfied the wish of Sai Kumar. That became a lot of hungama and many were keen to know what Prabhas did for Sai Kumar. But this is not dialogue king. Sai Kumar is part of make a wish foundation and he is a hardcore fan of Prabhas. The young boy is restricted to wheelchair for the rest of his life owing to an accident which happened few years back. Prabhas took his time out and went to Sai Kumar’s place and spent a lot of time with him. In the process, media got good mileage using the names.

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