Nani And Raj Tharun: What's Common?

By - October 16, 2015 - 03:44 PM IST

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Your first thoughts of a hero would be he must be tall, handsome with a well built physique. He must be able to dance well and do some stunts as well. Above all, he must fit the bill of a lover, a fighter, a family person without a hitch. In fact, these parameters are the key for anyone to become a good hero.

Despite that, there are those men who are just a face in the crowd but still become bankable heroes. Tollywood has got such men and two among them happen to be natural star Nani and the budding her Raj Tharun. The duo has been scoring back to back hits so here is something common about them.

Both came to the industry as Assistant Directors. Due to that, they have good idea on script and dialogues and both can deliver and modulate their performance on the spot for betterment. As a result, they are very advantageous actors to the directors and bring life into the character they are essaying.

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