Pawan Kalyan Apologizes to the Media

By - October 17, 2015 - 12:17 PM IST

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The clash between celebrity world and the press has been there since times immemorial. Unless these two industries work in co-operation and coexist well, it is quite difficult for things to go on smoothly. However, the differences between these two industries prop up quite virally because media always targets the glitzy celebrity world in the intention that the truth should come out for the common people.

Recently, most of the media channels telecasted news about Pawan Kalyan not showing interest to attend the new capital event for AP which is scheduled on the eve of Dasara festival and focusing more on his acting career interests. This naturally angered the Sardar Gabbar Singh film unit and when the AP representatives and the media visited the set to invite the Powerstar for the event in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad. Lot of fans were already present and there was additional security. There was some disturbance and misunderstandings between them as the media tried to barge in. As a result, the media people were pushed by the film’s unit which became a debacle. 

But now, Pawan Kalyan himself apologized the media fraternity for what his film’s unit has done. He had the audacity to come forward to the media and openly express his anguish about such disturbing incident.

This is indeed a good move by the Powestar to keep media under the cool because he obviously knows the power of media channels and their credibility in providing the right news to the public!

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