Magnum Opus Baahubali Completes 100 Days- Special Feature

By - October 17, 2015 - 12:41 PM IST

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We witness hundreds of films made in Tollywood on an annual basis in which some films are commercially successful, some win our hearts and some are remembered for the best music, visuals or characterizations. But there are few films which are remarkably successful in all these endeavors and offers an irresistible influence on even common people’s lives. One such marvel which was released this year is Rajamouli’s first installment Baahubali:The Beginning. While it is an altogether different story about the inception of this project, here we discuss about how brilliantly the movie influenced us- on the eve of It completing 100 glorious days!

Baahubali made an all time track record overseas by collecting 1.4 million dollars for just the premiers in USA. The first weekend share itself touched a whopping amount of 120 crore. It became the first film to cross 100 days by collecting $ 7000 in America alone! These figures explain the enormity of this brilliant visual marvel.

The first ever poster of Baahubali in which Sivagami’s hand is carrying an infant in water became a fashion statement for everybody. There were home appliance posters all over the cities and towns which had a similar hand carrying sales products instead! In fact, during Godavari Pushkaralu this year, many people were carrying their own kids in the river- in an attempt to imitate Sivagami’s character in Baahubali!

The scene where Prabhas as Sivudu carries a huge Shiva idol became a trademark. On the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi this time, there were many Lord Ganesh idols sporting a six pack just like Shivudu and carrying Lord Shiva Lingam in style!

Comic Con is a biggest annual event which is a heaven for people who are interested in comics, art design and VFX. Baahubali became a hot topic for comic con this year and created lot of buzz when it was held in Hyderabad as well as Bangalore. This is a great achievement for a Telugu film reaching international crowd in such big scale.

Baahubali didn’t leave the food industry as well! In the bustling town of Bhimavaram where there are most number of Prabhas fans, a hotel offered Baahubali food combo offers by naming each of the food dishes after the character’s name in the film! Not to forget the quirky ideas like Tamannah drinks and Veg combo for Baahubali’s character!
The advertising industry took full advantage of Baahubali’s massive influence on people. Amul Butter, one of the biggest dairy brands in India released a special edition of Baahubali poster as a tribute to this marvel. The poster featured a handsome Shivudu with Avanthika relishing the butter and Bhallala Deva jealously eyeing it!

Baahubali’s cut out made into Guinness records for being the biggest poster in Kerala. This is one of its kind event for an emerging industry like Tollywood!

Whoever watched Baahubali had the brilliant question of why Kattappa Killed Baahubali – which was the ending scene for the first installment. Unable to restrain the suspense, the social media raged itself in rigorous discussions about the possible reasons. In fact, if the term “Why” is typed in google search, the first suggestion which comes is “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?”- this alone is enough to explain the global effect on Baahubali!

We know Hollywood epic such as James Cameron’s Avatar and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings which featured a special clan speaking a unique language. But in Telugu films, though there were many historic epics, such unique languages weren’t designed to give authenticity. Baahubali remains to be one of the first films in Telugu which had the unique language of Kilkili spoken by Kalakeya tribe. This language was designed by writer Madan Karky with alphabets, grammar and syllable usage too! There is no need to mention the great name Kalakeya Prabhakar earned for his performance!

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