Unstoppable Love For Mega Family

By - October 19, 2015 - 09:28 PM IST

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It is not much of a surprise when we show a lot of admiration and affection towards stars and star families. But it does make a difference when an acclaimed film personality shows the same affinity. And it gets even more interesting when that film personality happens to be someone like Ram Gopal Varma.

In the last few days, RGV has been coming up with a variety of tweets related to the mega family. When you read it normally you can see love in it. The other speculations come only when someone tries to read between the lines. This is because RGV is known for his Pun and a tinge of satire in his words.

Here are some of his latest tweets which goes to show his unstoppable love-

‘P K Mega together is greatest visual I saw since Niagara Falls ..I am so exhilarated and going to see Bruce Lee again’

‘Watched Bruce Lee again..Ram Charan is extremely fantastic’

‘I thought it was my dream that Mega and PK got back and I woke up and realised its really true..I am so ecstatically happy for Mega Family’

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