Sukumar Sticks On To Originality

By - October 19, 2015 - 09:24 PM IST

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Among the different type of directors you come across in Tollywood, you would notice that each filmmaker has got his own style. In that, there are those directors who prefer to do their own stories and make them as movies. One such person is logic director Sukumar. Here is an example for that.

It is heard that many years ago when Sukumar was in budding stages, he had an offer from producer Dil Raju to remake a Tamil movie. However, sources say Sukumar politely declined it and reiterated his stand of making stories with original scripts. Eventually, the duo teamed up for Arya which became a blockbuster.

Till date, Sukumar has not been doing any remakes and his focus has been only on original scripts. This approach from him has also earned the due respect from cine buffs and intellectuals alike. Currently, Sukumar is busy shaping up the new movie Nannaku Prematho with young tiger Junior NTR.

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