Mahesh Babu's Business Model

By - October 23, 2015 - 11:10 AM IST

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There are many things about a superstar that tend to fascinate you. Right from what he eats to what he wears to what is his daily lifestyle. Apart from that, one big curiosity will be on how much he makes per film. And if it is someone like superstar Mahesh Babu then such curiosity is multifold.

So, here is some information from our inside sources. It is heard that usually when Mahesh signs up for a film, he takes one area distribution and satellite rights as his remuneration. As such, for his movie, the bare minimum satellite rights is a whopping 15 crores, as per sources.

As for the area cost, it is minimum 6-7 crores. When we say area, it is not just one district or town but a big territory and the balance revenue goes to the producer. If you can do the Math, you can figure out that Mahesh makes nothing less than 20 crores plus per movie. This is indeed a fetching business model.

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