Ohmkar to follow RGV's Trend!

By - October 23, 2015 - 01:29 PM IST

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The sensational yet controversial anchor Ohmkar has made it big in the small screen world with his peculiar dance show Aata. This show became a target for many jokes, and comments on Ohmkar’s peculiar accent and  presentation. But now, Ohmkar has stunned the audience by becoming a filmmaker few years ago. Despite the film becoming a flop, the determined Omkar changed his strategy by making a Horror comedy film Raju Gari Gadhi which released yesterday.

The film has been heavily criticized for lack of strength in the scenes as well as screen writing. Mostly all the reviews bashed the film but it was appreciated particularly for its decent production values for such a small budget. Sources say that Ohmkar is now planning to make a sequel for this film!  This decision of Ohmkar would definitely remind us of veteran filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who continues to make films irrespective of its result or performance at the Box Office.

Ohmkar seems to be inspired from RGV’s Ice Cream project which had sequels and made a moderate business at a business level!

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