Industry Vs Public: Difference In Expectations

By - October 23, 2015 - 12:25 PM IST

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There must be those among you who would be wondering as to why films don’t work and what exactly goes behind the screen before making a movie. Well, here is an insight for you that would help. For any film to take its birth, a lot of groundwork or what we call pre-production happens.

Based on few equations such as market value, collection potential, business dynamics, distributor opinion, they start making a movie. The minimum guarantee is the key parameter taken into consideration but fact of the matter is, it seldom turns out to meet those paremeters.

Though the industry expectation is done with certain hypothesis, in reality, it is totally opposite because public perspective is different. Hence, there are those times when you cannot give a reason for a flop. Sometimes, the buzz will be high on social media and the hype would be great but the box office goes dull. This is the difference.

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