Bruce Lee Punch to Kanche

By - October 24, 2015 - 01:30 PM IST

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It is indeed a big challenge to make a film in Telugu film industry which is so competitive in every respect.  Forget commercial films, if an offbeat yet challenging film is being made, right from making it to releasing it to be accessible to larger scale of audience is even more difficult. We have witnessed many thought provoking films left uncalled for just because of the non availability of theatres.

In Tollywood, commercial cinema is the dominating factor and naturally more priority is given to a big production flick. Because of this, many honestly made films are lost in the sea of theatres allotted to such big projects. Similar case has happened with Krish’s Kanche because Ram Charan’s big entertainer Bruce Lee has occupied most of the halls in the two states. Despite the mediocre business done by Bruce Lee, the producers have released it in additional 300 screens all over in the hope that festival season could fetch some returns. This is showing a horrible impact on deserving film like Kanche.

To make things worse, Suresh Productions have their hold on many theatres in which they released the home production film Columbus from this Vijayadasami. It looks like word of mouth of positive talk is the only savior for a good film like Kanche!

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