Diff between Chiru And Bunny!

By - October 24, 2015 - 12:48 PM IST

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The Mega family clan was always known for treating their fans with utmost respect pioneered by the values set by Megastar Chiranjeevi himself. Chiranjeevi constantly used to acknowledge his fans both on the screen as well as off screen and remind that without fans he wouldn’t have reached such heights.

Even during the weddings which happened in their family, the fans were treated with great respect and special parties were hosted exclusively for them. But things became haywire when Chiranjeevi was caught in the video calling a fan “stupid fellow” when one particular fan was annoying him wherever he went. Though he may not have said this intentionally, it became a big rage and a topic of discussion all over.
But Stylish Star Allu Arjun seems to have learnt an important lesson after this incident. When the actor visited his in laws house in Nalgonda, fans flocked to catch a glimpse of him and there was a rush.  Arjun’s aides tried to take control of the situation by stopping some fans in approaching the hero. The aides pushed one particular fan which was observed by Bunny. The hero immediately saw this and came for the fan’s rescue!

Allu Arjun already got a great name with his portrayal of Gona Ganna Reddy – a savior of common people in Rudramadevi and now this is a good gesture by him.

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