Foreign Dreams Of Heroes In Tension

By - October 24, 2015 - 12:34 PM IST

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You may not say it in the open but deep inside, almost everyone of us will jump in joy if we get a fully paid trip to a foreign country which includes even stay and food. Not all have this privilege but if you are a film hero then you stand a chance. Lately, this has become more of a norm than requirement.

Irrespective of purpose, many middle range heroes are eyeing foreign locations and asking for it. Secondly, even the directors are convincing producers citing it is the requirement of the script. But all those foreign dreams are now facing a spanner. This is because of estimated budget and the actual budget.

Once they go to the foreign locations, they don’t take into account the external factors like climatic conditions and many times, many shootings had to be extended or cancelled due to this. Sometimes, some patchwork scenes are to be done so that is additional expense again. But now, producers are putting an iron foot on such plans so those dreams are slowly becoming tight.

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