Kanche Team on a Success Mode!

By - October 26, 2015 - 12:32 PM IST

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Versatile director Krish is always known for thought provoking content which is ideally blended with entertainment and fun factors. His films leave the audience think about the way of the world and always stress about the great value of Humanity. Based on the similar lines, he made epic war drama Kanche with Mega hero Varun Tej which released as a Dasara gift last week.

The film opened with overall positive reviews for Varun Tej’s performance, Sai Madhav’s dialogues, international standard cinematography and great songs. In fact, the makers took a huge risk by releasing such an offbeat film with a loss of 2 crore initially. But the good news now is that, Kanche is doing great in business front a well by attaining break even by first weekend. This means that the film is on the safe zone by attaining the invested money on it!

The team Kanche is obviously delighted with this result and sources say that they are planning for a much needed success tour to celebrate this unique moment.

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