Hopes On Akkineni's Diwali Treat

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As a star kid, there is a lot of public attention and media spotlight you would experience and if you also plan to take the path of your elders then this gets doubled. That is the situation right now with the Akkineni scion Akhil. The young lad is all set to arrive with his debut movie Akhil-The Power Of Jua.

The latest update on that front is that the film is being targeted for a release on November 12th which is the Diwali time. Though it is not confirmed yet, inside news reveals the entire team is working relentlessly to make it a Diwali special. With this, the Akkineni fans are also looking forward to it.

The expectations are very high on this project and whatever promotion material has come so far has convinced the audience that this film has got great stuff.  The fact that sensational director V V Vinayak is helming it has added more to the expectation. Let us wish the film has a crackling explosion at the box office.

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