National Award Winning Combo to Repeat

By - October 27, 2015 - 05:52 PM IST

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We have many supremely talented heroes and directors in our contemporary Indian cinema who have gifted us many classics and hero Chiyaan Vikram and Director Bala belong hete. Their last outing was Pithamagan (Shivaputrudu in Telugu) was a critically acclaimed commercial hit film for which even Vikram bagged a National Award for best acting.

Coming into the news, after a gap of nearly 12 years, these two class apart artists are going to come together with yet another interesting project. With Vikram's 10Endrathukulla (that released last week) doing well at the box office, Vikram is once again keen upon doing an experimental film.

 We have already seen two exceptional films (Sethu & Pithamagan) in their combination and industry and fans are only curious about what this combo is coming up this time!a

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