If anybody points out my family I can't digest it: Kalyan Ram

By - October 28, 2015 - 11:40 PM IST

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Kalyan Ram is one of those Nandamuri heroes who has an own definition of action flicks and great range of emotional performances. After a tough stint in career after the failure of Om, he made a big comeback with entertainer Pataas. This actor cum producer has had an interesting career this year after making a big budget film Kick 2 and now all set to entertain the audience with latest film Sher. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Kalyan Ram..

Please tell us about your upcoming film Sher..
Sher is a regular movie which doesn’t have any big twists and turns in the story. We only focused on entertainment in terms of story and screenplay. The main aim of Sher is to provide unlimited entertainment.

What about your character in the film?
I play a role of an Engineering student in this film. He has one thought inside and does something else contrasting.  The rest of the story is about what happens when such person falls in love.

Your earlier film Pataas was a big hit. Will Sher match the same expectations?
I am glad that my earlier film Pataas has created such buzz and positive impact. But I only request not to compare Pataas with Sher. I feel embarrassed to see such comparisons because each film is different from one another.

Did you make any script changes in Sher after the success of Pataas?
We didn’t make any major changes to the story but there was more entertainment added for better viewing.

Why was the female lead changed from Vanya Mishra to Sonal Chauhan?
We shot with Vanya for ten days and somehow couldn’t feel that she would suit for the film. The director, producer and cameraman thought so. This doesn’t mean Vanya was bad actress, its only perception regarding the script and characterization.  We had a little issue with screen presence, that’s it.

Did you get to reshoot all the scenes involving her then?
We did with Vanya only for ten days. There were no songs either. We did reshoot the little part we did but I am glad we realized the replacement early.

You did movies predominantly in your home banner NAT. How was it working for a new banner for Sher?
I am generally not nervous on the sets even I am producing it. The only difference is that my name is shown as producer. In fact, I am more careful if I am working with another producer. When the producer wanted to film a song in sets design, I suggested CG is a better option. I consider every film to be mine irrespective of producer.

You did two films this year. Will you follow the same trend from now on?
I would like to do two films a year but good story is needed to do so.

How was it working with S.S.Thaman in music department for Sher?
I knew Thaman even before working for Sher. I was very impressed listening to Kick songs and wanted him to work with me for Hare Ram. It was his second film in career.  I am glad he proved himself again with great audio with Sher.

The director Mallikarjun had two flops this year. What was the reason for roping him in for Sher?
Mallikarjun is a hardworking person. I know him since ages. I don’t mind about whether a film is hit or flop but I value the work. I gave chance to Swarna Subba Rao for Hare Ram when he didn’t have hits. He gave a great film like Hare Ram. He really worked hard for Sher as well and it is for him I hope it will be a hit.

You gave an emotional speech during Sher Audio Release. Why?
Yes many people were talking about it. If anybody points out my family I cannot digest it. Even if they speak on my films I wouldn’t mind but regarding this I cannot control myself. That is the reason why I had to express myself.

Your produced film Kick 2 flopped. How did you take the failure?
It was hard but the films which had me has hero itself flopped. I don’t bother about hits or flops in my career. We really worked hard but sadly it backfired. Nobody bothers when a film is a hit but when it flops, many reasons are questioned.

After Pataas, did you hear any interesting scripts?
I only heard regular commercial flicks and didn’t like much. I want to do new style of films and waiting for such scripts now.

Did you change any aspect of yourself after the failure of Om?
I worked very hard for three years and had lot of expectations on the film. I really didn’t understand why it flopped. After analysis I felt that screenplay was little flawed and there were lot of twists and turns in the story which led to confusion. I realized that there are two classes of audience in which one look for grandeur and other look for just entertainment and diversion. This doesn’t mean I would stay away from experiment but I will keep it in limit and stick to simple narration.

What is the update on your film with Jr.NTR? Will you be acting in it?
It will be there next year and will announce on it shortly. I am most glad that my brother Jr.NTR will be acting in my film and will confine to producing it.

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