New Job: Youtube Watchers For Directors

By - October 28, 2015 - 03:30 PM IST

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You must be coming across news and individuals who keep moaning about how job market has become weak and not much of employment is there. Truth is, where there is creativity, there is always some opportunity or the other. And with passing time, new types of jobs will also keep emerging.

Here is something you would be surprised to know happening in Tollywood. Many of you would have the habit of watching Youtube videos regularly and especially the different language movies. Now, this has become a profession. In order to suggest directors about stories and ideas, some assistants are being hired.

They are getting a decent 15k per month salary and some senior directors are doing this so that it makes their scriptwork easy. In fact, even some senior writers are also hiring some Youtube watchers for salary so that each day new ideas are popped up and it would be useful for their works.

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