'Nandi Awards' Ceremony In Amaravati

By - October 29, 2015 - 10:45 AM IST

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As a Telugu person, there must be a conflict of emotions going through many of you because you are trying to adapt to a new system of living. Life under unified Andhra Pradesh was quite different and balanced but after bifurcation, things have become really haywire and there is a lot happening.

The worst hit has been the Tollywood circuit who are now having a see-saw situation because they need to strike a perfect balance between both Telugu states. Meanwhile, the talk now is about the prestigious Nandi Awards which is quite coveted among the cine circuit. The latest update is that this would no longer happen in Hyderabad.

According to reports, the Andhra Pradesh government has taken over the Nandi Awards so they would be organizing this event at the new capital Amaravathi. As for Telangana state, there is a strong talk that the local government is also planning something similar and details will be revealed soon.

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