Roopa Vaitla's version about the Incident!

By - October 29, 2015 - 12:16 PM IST

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If there is one news which has been the most sensational and shocking for everybody in the showbiz world off late, it is the disturbances between the coolest celebrity couple Srinu Vaitla and Roopa Vaitla. These two talented individuals always made a good impression in the public and remained to be exemplary as far as living happily in marriage is concerned.

Naturally, everybody were stunned to see Roopa Vaitla filed a case under Section 498A on her husband. Many media houses tried to enquire the reasons behind this misunderstandings but now Roopa herself cleared many aspects when she came to the police station to withdraw the case.

Roopa said that she did not file any case on her husband but only gave a police complaint saying that her husband has hit her  on October 13. Quite strangely, this incident wasn’t out in the news until 26th of October. There are other speculations that the failure of Bruce Lee might have caused some differences between the couple. But by this clarification it is understood that they had differences even before the film’s release.

Moreover, Roopa said that Srinu has been physically and mentally abusing her and insulted her in front of friends and family. In fact, Roopa was working as a costume designer for most of her husband’s films. However, she did not work for Bruce Lee.

Let us hope that the differences between the celebrity couple dissolve and they live happily like earlier.

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