Boiling Star Prudhvi as Percentage Parmesh

By - October 30, 2015 - 06:13 PM IST

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If you are well versed with Telugu cinema then you can automatically remember the man with "30 Years Industry" experience. Yes he is none other than Boiling Star Prudhvi, one of the most happening comedian now.

Coming to the news, he is once again going to dish out hilarious entertainment as 'Percentage Parmesh' in his upcoming film Sankarabharanam movie. As per inside sources, this role was initially written for star comedian Brahmanandam but since the character needs to participate in major outdoor shooting in Rajasthan, Bihar etc, Prudhvi turned out to be the immediate alternative for the makers. Even Prudhvi has used the opportunity to the fullest and gave his best.

As Prudhvi's performance is going to be at peaks as Percentage Parmesh, the unit sources are betting on his role to get the maximum applause in the theatres.

Lets wait and watch our favourite Boiling Star in action once again!

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