K Viswanath 1st Time Holding Gun

By - October 31, 2015 - 11:45 AM IST

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There are certain film personalities who have created a very strong image and impression about themselves among you. So, when you think of them, you can either experience respect, admiration and affection towards them. One such person is the legendary moviemaker K Viswanath.

The Kala Tapaswi of Tollywood has come up with masterpiece classics and his movies never had an element of hard hitting violence or gun battle. But recently it is heard that K Viswanath held a gun and fired it as well. All this happened during the audio release event of the movie Sankarabharanam.

Apparently, KV who was the chief guest for the event was asked to launch the first song in the album. Usually remotes are used to start such things but here guns were fired in air. So, even Viswanath also did that. Sources close to him reveal for the first time he held a gun and fired in his entire film career.

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