Why 3D For Rajnikanth's Film?

By - October 31, 2015 - 10:50 AM IST

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You must have been noticing the evolution and contribution of technology in the world of cinema and it must be said that the standard has increased phenomenally. But at the same time, our sensibility demands that even technology must be used wherever required in the right proportion.

Apparently, the concept of 3D has been heard a lot and while it applies strongly to the Hollywood movies, some of the rationalists are asking why this concept is being used in Indian movies unnecessarily. The latest update is that superstar Rajnikanth’s movie Enthiran 2 will also have 3D technology.

The question is, will 3D technology bring a hit? Even the magnum opus Rudramadevi also was made with 3D technology but all spoke about content and nothing else. In fact, when you have someone as mighty as the great Rajnikanth himself why must his movie have these extraas and waste of expenditure. Only the makers can answer this.

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