Biggest Risk for Anushka

By - November 02, 2015 - 02:03 PM IST

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Anushka is turned out as the key highlight of yesterday’s Size Zero Audio launch and the who’s who in the guest list showered their best wishes on her.
She is getting a lot of accolades from her colleagues in the industry and her fans as well. On the flipside Anushka took a big risk in her life by saying yes for Size Zero film and she put on weight over 25 kilos for this character.
And now the problem arises in the form of Baahubali part 2 for Anushka where she has to be cut down those extra kilos for it. In the process of weight loss, her plans of weight shedding are not happening according to schedule and she is not able to get the desired results.    
Doctors are also advising her not to apt for this rapid method of weight losing and she might get side effects through this sudden loss of weight. Now Anushka is in a great dilemma over her diet schedule and this character not only brought compliments but also complications as well.

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