Do You Have Guts To Watch This?

By - November 03, 2015 - 09:49 AM IST

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You must have heard from friends and others about those bold and daring people in your circles. But saying is something different from actually demonstrating it when the situation demands. Perhaps the best way to check if a person is really gutsy or not is to make him/her watch a horror movie.

A similar challenge is now being thrown to the audience by some film personnel. They are talking about the movie Tripura which is touted as a horror thriller. Inside news reveals the biggest fear factor will be generated due to the performance from the leading lady Swathi.

It is heard that her performance is simply riveting and it would be to the range of Jyothika in the movie Chandramukhi. Those who have seen the rushes and Swathi’s scenes are already predicting the film will become a super duper hit. So, brace yourself for this spooky treat and prove whether you have the nerves of steel or not.

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