Saptagiri's Offscreen Body Language

By - November 03, 2015 - 06:25 PM IST

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It is not a scientifically proven fact but psychology is that whenever you see an actor onscreen you tend to carry a very similar image of that person in real life too. This is more for the comedians who spread humor to the fullest with their antics. And most of the times the real life experience catches you by surprise.

The talk now is about the noted comedian Saptagiri. Whenever you see him onscreen, he displays a lot of wit and nerdish trait and his approach is rather friendly. But it is heard that his offscreen body language is quite the opposite. Those who have approached him reveal he is showing a very starry air.

They state that Saptagiri is behaving as if he is a big star and appears as if he is very reserved. Onscreen he is very energetic and friendly but off the screen his touch me not approach is not going too well with many. While Saptagiri may have his own reasons for that, it is about time he mends his ways.

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