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  • BannerMaruthi Media House Productions
  • Editor Uddav S B
  • Cinematography J Prabhakara reddy
  • Music J B
  • Producer R Sudharshan reddy
  • Director J Prabhakara reddy
  • Audio release date NA

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Prema Katha Chitram review


Posted: 07 June 2013-11:14 AM

Sudhir [Sudheer Babu], Nanditha [Nanditha], Praveen [Praveen] joined by Nelloru Giri [Eluru Srinu] later, are four friends who wish to commit suicide owing to their respective love failures and reach a haunted guest house to end their lives. In due course, Sudhir and Nanditha feel empathetic to each other. While Sudhir cites a love failure reason, Praveen and Nanditha are here on a sketch to reform Sudhir as Nanditha is head over heels in love with him. Sudhir, who is unaware of this, tries to mend Nanditha and hence postpones his suicide plan for 3 days on Praveen’s advice. Though Nanditha manages to impresses Sudhir in those 3days, he still gets back to his initial suicide plan. Finally, Nanditha comes up with an unusual trick to flatter Sudhir, in the middle of which Sudhir takes an unexpected jolt and discovers new problems. What are the lead’s new glitches and how do they handle them in that haunted guest house forms the rest of the story.

The leads’ performances are quiet impressive. Especially, Nanditha needs a special tap on the back here. She is a crackerjack already carrying the two contrasting shades of her character with utmost ease and looked absolutely promising with her very second film.Well done girl!

While Sudhir Babu has showed the world that he is not like any other rat in this rat race. He too looked enhanced yet natural with the character he played in the film. Both Sudhir and Nanditha have certainly made the cut.

Praveen has always been up to the snuff and this film is no exception. But, Eluru Srinu [as Nellore Giri in the film] grabs your eye ball with his distinctive comedy timing and humor.

The rest of the cast are very artificial and looked amateur. A perfect cine camera cannot like them.

Though Maruthi has carried over the story, dialogues, screenplay and directorial supervision over his shoulders, S. Prabhakar Reddy, the director of the film has tried to make a mark off his shade. His attempt of a horror comedy, a rarely touched genre is appreciable. But, he considerably fails to tie the lace tight. Neither the love story was intense nor the scary scenes. He manages to get the typical interval scene a bang to enjoy but forgets to get his first half gripping. He appeared witty shaping his second half entertaining with a typical slap-stick comedy but fails miserably to concoct an impressive climax.

However, his sensibilities can be noticed in the shots portraying the heroine- be it her introduction or the kiss scene. He showcased his wit in placing some symbolic shots [like the ant on the leaf in the swimming pool in the introductory episode]. He did extract some good background score from his court-composer J.B, but didn’t get up to the snuff with the songs or the song placements- at least the much anticipated “Vennelaina Vekuvaina…” song. He drags off with a lame placement and so-so CG [compute generated] picturisation.

Anyhow, he could manage to pull off a Maruthi production with less censor cuts- he needs a clap here.

J.B, a fledgling composer impresses with his background score rather than his original music. The songs are all one-time hearings but he did not let the fans down with the much expected “Vennelaina…Vekuvaina” remix. He could still get his re-recording impressive at some crucial scenes like the interval bang and the haunting shots.

The cinematography is laudable. It does get the haunting feel and tint underneath your skin all through the show. The animation during the introductory voice-over episode is good enough for the purpose [Undoubtedly, can be a Maruthi idea!] Frankly, Sudhir is a countable and promising dancer from the family of Superstars- Swarna and Sekhar masters deserve a bow. Maruthi is as usual cool with his dialogues and considerably ‘Ok’ screenplay. 

Beware! It is neither an endearing love story nor a rip-roaring horror comedy. If you have ample time to kill, a theatre close by and a 50 Rupee note in your pocket, you can undoubtedly proceed ahead. 

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